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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Bad News...(Portraits from Scarlet postponed?)

So far I have posted some of my favorite photos that I have taken on this blog...but not all of them. The albums that I planned to present to readers MIGHT have been erased. When my father offered to let me save my pictures on his external hard drive I agreed. I had 4GB worth of pictures so I made my own little folder for his external hard drive until I got my own. A little later i accidentally dropped his external hard drive on the carpet from the the coffee table. I didn't think anything of so I just picked it up and put it back on the table but my Dad warned me (after I dropped it) that such a little hit could damage it and possibly lose ALL of its memory. After I dropped it we checked to see if it was still working properly and it was....however, the next day we didn't see my pictures or his massive amount of music (he's a DJ) on the external hard drive. Soooo....we are allowing an expert to investigate to see if our media is salvageable. I am sorry to say that Portraits from Scarlet will be postponed.....unless i take a massive amount of pictures within the next day or two.....think I can pull it off?

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